Always Reinventing the Wheel

While staying with the classics – such as White, Fuchsia and Tiffany Blue – we have also embraced the fun and delightfulness that bags bring to our customers and their stores. 

This year, we are introducing our 6th Annual Limited Edition Prom Bag Design as well as the Limited Edition Tie Dye Bag – both available in 3 colors.

Add your store logo, business name, phone number…  and dazzle your customers with a stunning bag.

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3 Solid Reasons for Custom Printed Tote Bags

1. Cloth tote bags are nicer. Custom printed tote bags connect your brand and merchandise to quality and style. Better bags show the value of goods they carry home, and show how much you value your customers.

2. People keep more cloth totes. Unlike plastic bags, which quickly become a nuisance, cloth tote bags are a gift to be kept and a reminder of a special experience to be repeated.

3. Your brand gets more exposure. The bag is seen by more people, for a longer time. New contacts will see your custom printed tote bags travel to work, perch on an office chair, visit the market, or get carried on a plane.

Fossil based plastic bags can’t provide the handsome look and comfortable feel of real fabric handles holding a beautiful bag. Solid or patterned panels with matching or contrast trim give these bags a nearly endless variety of combinations.

custom printed tote bagsGet the custom printed tote bag that matches your business style to carry your brand. Get a better return on investment by making your bags advertise your brand and compliment merchandise.

Make your business impression with bags that include:

  • Your choice of color.
  • Your choice of panel.
  • Your logo and message.

Make yourself a one-of-a-kind bag that gives customers a positive experience and helps build lasting relationships. Get in touch today and start building your brand, improving customer loyalty, and encouraging referrals.


Breathable Garment Bags with Style

Breathable garment bags protect clothing by allowing moisture to escape, reducing the chance of mold, mildew, or unpleasant odors.

Protection is not dull. Bags are available in an array of colors, prints and trims. Features like see-through pockets add utility. A selection of popular sizes makes it easy to get the bags you need. Choose from stock combinations, or create your own custom breathable garment bags.


Our bold new stock colors give you lots of options and are available for quick delivery.

Add your store logo, business name, phone number, or other information to custom bags in your choice of colors and patterns. We have sizes and styles perfect for mens suits, wedding gowns, tuxedos, furs, prom dresses, and more.

We combine quality materials and workmanship, with experience manufacturing breathable garment bags and other formal wear garment shop accessories to bring you value and style you need.

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Read more about wedding dress garment bags, prom gown garment bags, mens suit garment bags, tuxedo garment bags, and tote bags.


Vinyl Garment Bags for Suits, Dresses & More

Practical and distinctive quality vinyl garment bags add value and prestige to fine clothing.

The right garment bag for the job can go a long way to present your business in a positive light by protecting the customer’s investment. The wide array of styles, finishes, colors, and sizes available assures you the best match of form and function to showcase your products.

Make every purchase special with beautiful and useful vinyl garment bags that speak for them selves, and say good things about you and your business.

mens suit vinyl garment bags
mens suit vinyl garment bags

Get bags in lots of useful sizes, from 40″, 54″, 60″ & 66″ to 72” length (flat or with 10″ or 20″ gusset) for every purpose:

Available in PVC vinyl, PEVA, or leatherette material, in beautiful colors, including:

  • Clear
  • White
  • Silver Gray
  • Black w/Gold Trim
  • Black w/Silver Trim
  • Burgundy
  • Navy
  • Cream
  • Green
  • Brown

Bags are available with added features, like clear window sections and ID pockets, and all bags can be printed with your logo, image, and text. These quality bags are kept by consumers and continue advertising your brand again and again. Imagine travelers at a busy international airport seeing your business information on the garment bags carried by others.

Sturdy construction and useful features such as reinforced hanger aperture, single and double zippers make these garment bags last long and provide lots of service.

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Wedding Dress Garment Bags

wedding dress garment bagWedding dress garment bags are a world of their own, and we have what you need to manage that world. Wedding gown garment bags protect the most important dress most women will ever wear, on the most important of occasions.

Style and fit go beyond the wedding gown, and extend to the bridal gown garment bag when you choose from our selection of stock items including:

  • Colors that suit – all white or white with gray trim.
  • Sizes that fit the wedding dress perfectly, with tapered 20″ gusset.

For better branding, we offer custom wedding dress garment bags with your logo, business information, and the colors of your choice. Branding for your business on these quality garment bags will stay in use for a long time and be seen by many. You can’t say that about shopping bag advertising.

We also offer a selection of items that work along with you during fitting, including:

  • Tote bags – perfect to organize the bride’s swatches, trim, undergarments, etc. between visits and on the way to the wedding.
  • Bridal gown fitting clips – no more pins. Just clamp these rubber-edged sturdy plastic clips to hold delicate fabrics securely.
  • Accessories – the bust forms, shoulder covers, tissue and other things that complete the job perfectly.

Give your brides and bridal party participants the best experience possible with the best bridal garment bags and related materials available. Contact us today to find out how you can get started with stock or custom wholesale wedding dress bags and accessories.

Using Pantone Matching System PMS Colors

Pantone FanGetting your print colors right is easy when you use the Pantone Matching System (PMS). The Pantone company has over 1,000 standardized ink colors. Businesses around the world use their numbering system to identify the colors used in projects.

To get your colors:

  1. Visit Pantone Color Finder web page.
  2. Enter your color name in the search tool.
    PMS color finder
  3. Choose one of the resulting colors.
    pantone fuchsia
  4. Tell us the code corresponding to the color you choose.

Use the Pantone Color Finder to identify your logo or other print colors, and we will tell the print factory to use that color for your work. Since computer monitors each show color slightly differently, you can get a good idea of the color on the screen, but not a 100% reliable match.



Bridal Fitting Clips

bridal clipFittings are easier and faster with these new bridal fitting clips. Alterations are accurate and easy to manage without poking your fingers or the bride-to-be.

Durable plastic clips with rubberized grip surfaces go quickly where you want them to be, and stay there securely.

Treat your clients like royalty by offering quicker more accurate fittings with the latest innovation. Then relax and enjoy the referrals, repeat business, and increased profits – all without a pin cushion or thimble.

Call 877-801-3600 or send email today for price and delivery options.

Fuchsia 20 Inch Gusset Bag

20 inch gusset fuchsia bag We’ve got something new for bigger and bolder dresses. The latest addition to our monster bag collection is a solid fuchsia color 20″ gusset garment bag.

This garment bag is the perfect accessory for those great big ball gown dresses for Quinceañera and similar events. What a beautiful and exciting way to protect dresses with the flounce and flaunt that mark very special moments!

Order item 69FU72206 now and be among the first to receive them when they becomes available in December 2014.  Make a beautiful impression that customers will remember, and enjoy the publicity a big fuchsia bag brings to your business.